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Upcoming Workshops

Kallitype In person Workshop

Printmaking and photographic processes, like many categories of artistic media, are very much intertwined in their histories and techniques. Through this kallitype workshop taught by Damon and Natasha, participants will learn about photography as printmaking. After the workshop students can bring 2 finished prints and their negatives back home.

Class date: May 21

Woodblock Printing with Michelle Fung

Back by popular demand! Beginner Woodblock printmaking taught by Michelle Fung is back. Learn how to carve and print with woodblock. 2 day workshop.

Class date: June 3 & 5

Monotype workshop Taught by David Wong

This technique uses a more painterly effect to their prints, as gestural and textural marks can be achieved through the use of a wide variety of tools which can either remove or apply the ink to your plate. Through these tools, you will explore the boundaries of mark making with Monotypes. Beginner friendly session.

Class date: TBD

MarblePrintClay introduce students to a wide range of techniques and processes, with an emphasis on the development of an individual artistic vision and studio practice. Whether you're just starting out, advanced, or somewhere in the middle, our small class sizes, allow us to accommodate all levels of experience.

Can't see what you're looking for? Contact us to enquire upcoming workshops or even request workshops, arranging private lessons or project consulting. We'll be happy to help you plan and create your next artwork!

另一方面,MPC 致力推廣版畫和混合媒介創作,設有一天的版畫體驗和混合媒介藝術工作坊,以及度身訂製的長短期深造課程。工作坊歡迎個人、小組預約,亦非常適合公司和團體作聯誼聚會用途,為繁忙枯燥的都市生活增添藝術趣味。

We run our courses by popular demand, so let us know if you want to learn something specific!

Previous Workshops

Cyanotype Paper & Beyond in person course

Students will learn the basics of mixing and coating cyanotype chemicals, and expose them through a variety of light sources from UV exposure unit.

Next class: TBD

Screen Printing: Beginner course with Justin Larkin, in person

This in person Screen printing course is set over 1 day and aimed at developing participants’ knowledge, skill and confidence in the screen printing process. Participants will develop an image to translate into a 3 to 4 layer screen print.

Next class: TBD

Copper Etching: Beginner Course with Erika Shiba, in person

A 2 day in-person workshop that will introduce fundamental techniques used to create copper etchings. Participants will leave the course equipped with technical skills and knowledge of the process which then they can later use within their own practices.

Next class: TBD

Lino Online workshop for beginners with Kylie Chung

In this 2 hour course you will learn how to carve and print using a lino block. This course is best suited for beginners and people with no experience in printing. 

We created this at home online workshop so that people who are interested in learning the core techniques of printing can try it in the comfort of their own home. For this course we will ask participants to use beginner friendly tools and materials to keep it accessible and easy to learn.

Next class: TBC/available on demand

Digital Preparation for Screen Printing Online Class with Justin Larkin

Next available dates:

This workshop helps the participants to understand the principle of how to prepare film positive for screen printing digitally. The techniques introduced in this course are versatile and can also be applied to other printmaking disciplines such as photo-etching, lithograph and risograph.

Lino Puzzle Prints

A beginner friendly session where you will learn how to make a plant themed puzzle piece lino block using ombre colors with Kylie. 

Woodcut Portrait One-Day Workshop

Learn the oldest technique used in fine art printmaking of woodcut in Black & White Portrait Print at 1 day workshop.