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Jessica Fu 傅至雅


若能觸摸的就代表了真實,《FLOATING PERSPECTIVE》這個展覽,藝術家以圖像媒界的經驗提問圖像的真實性與各種媒界的可信性。以創作形式為概念的一部分,透過版畫、攝影和裝置作多重創作,去除形式的限制,抽取出各種幻象。繁複的創作過程,轉化虛無的資訊與重現不同的現實。無法輕易言喻的作品,雕塑出獨特的藝術體驗。一切真實及幻象,實體與概念,一併安靜展現於無法辨識的空間。我們正在觀看著一個怎樣的世界,怎樣的真實?即便握在手中,又能觸碰到概念上的真實嗎?希望觀眾在觀看與觸摸作品的兩種經驗中,重新思考圖像、媒界和我們之間的關係。

After its well-received inaugural exhibition and a series of popular etching workshops, Marble, Print & Clay is delighted to present its second exhibition - Floating Perspective by Jessica Fu. Through experimenting with various media, Fu destabilises the relationship between perspectives, spaces and reality. 

Through her oeuvre, the artist embarks on the ancient philosophical pursuit: What is real? She does so by recreating a reality out of a set of abstract data, through the mixed media of print, photography and installation. Reality and surrealism juxtaposes actuality and concepts in Fu’s works, coexisting in a space that is distantly familiar to us.