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MPC offers open access facilities, one-to-one training and courses across all aspects of printmaking.

Currently we have resources available for: etching including photo-etching, block printing (woodcut & lino) and water based screenprinting and monoprinting. Our professional resource for fine-art and creative printmaking has been specially designed to facilitate access by adults, people with access needs.

private class

Our private classes offer a range of indepth and flexible teaching for the technique you want to learn. This is great for people who wants to deepen their practice or want more time and guidance to create their prints.

1-1 classes are available for screen printing, etching, woodcut and lino cut print. Classes are available if teaching artists is available.

If you would like a private class with your friend or a few other attendees that's possible too, just let us know.

Editioning Service

Our skilled Master Printers can assist with your editioning or project work providing customised, tailor made project support.

We also have a pool of specialists in using specific print techniques at an advanced level. All staff working at this level have postgraduate degrees in printmaking and related subjects from leading art schools.

Editioning services are available in etching, screen printing, woodblock printing, linoblock printing, and large format digital printing.

From HK$400 per hour + materials.
Use the contact form below to book a consultation or discuss a project with us!

Book our space for your events

Our space is available for private group bookings such as art party events. We can host screen printing fabric or paper, and lino block events.

Please contact us if you would like to book, and provide us with as much info you have.

Open Studio Access

Our open studio sessions provide use of the presses and equipment and can be booked by anyone with prior experience of the printmaking technique they plan to use. Technical support is not available during open-access sessions. If you aren’t yet technically proficient, you can book onto one of our short course or to a one-to-one training session or individual tuition. You can book your reserve a spot or walk-in is available but our sessions have a max capacity.

We post our open studio sessions sporadically, so best to keep up to date by subscribing!

Open Studio Policy Agreement

We post our open studio sessions on the workshop page, so look out for them!

By booking the open studio sessions you are agreeing to the points below.

To start using the Print Studio open-access facilities you maybe asked to:

- Show work samples
- Attend a studio orientation before working in the studio

If you aren’t yet technically proficient, you can book onto one of our short courses, or have a one-on-one training session.

After you book to use the Open Access facilities, you will be provided with information on good practice in the studio. During the session you will have an Induction which will take approximately 15-30 mins. During your induction, the Print Studio coordinator will also assess your technical abilities before letting you work on your own in the studio. Please note that if the Coordinator feels you need more technical knowledge before being allowed to work on your own in the studio you might be asked to book on one of our courses or for one to one technical support.

If you have questions about if you're technically ready you can contact us before booking to have a chat.

Cost: will depend what session it is for

Time: 12pm - 5pm

Dates: Check on Workshop page

Materials and tools: Depending on what type of open studio session is happening we provide certain materials and other materials you need can be purchased at our studio, but please request before hand by email or use the contact form.

Find Out More

If you're interested in renting our studio please fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Price Accessibility

We offer a range of discounts for our workshop, masterclasses and some other sessions. For more information please check in the workshops page for the discounts we offer.