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Asano Ayaka 浅野綾花

1985    Born in Shizuoka, Japan

2017    Live in Hyogo

2008 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts

2017    Live in Hyogo

2008 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts

1985    Born in Shizuoka, Japan


2017   "I’ll tell you my secrets "Tachibana Gallery,Tokyo
"Farewell time "YIRI ARTS Taichung, Taichung

2016  "Let's meet once more and say good bye"Tachibana Gallery,Tokyo

   "On your way home"Gallery Bin,Fukuoka/CCC,Shizuoka

        "I call you at home"Sunodo cafe Shichikencho, Shizuoka

2015  "U-Turn Gaze " Tachibana Gallery,Osaka

          Venga roaster's cooffee,Busan

          "I have a feeling that I can see you"Business Community LINK,Shizuoka

          "Get lost in dreamland"Gallery Den Aoi Ie,Kyoto

2014  Amenohi coffee,Seoul

          "I live here"gallery & space SIO,Osaka

2013  "My Little Sorrows" Tachibana Gallery,Osaka                        

          "Dad said that" gallery & space SIO,Osaka

          "I am in the diamond" Gallery H.O.T,Osaka

2012  "Yesterday windows" 2kw Gallery,Osaka

          "There is no Mt.Fuji" Ban Gallery,Osaka

2011  Gemma,Shizuoka(~'17) 

          Ban Gallery,Osaka