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Reggie Black

Reggie Black is an international multimedia artist exploring the world of creativity through hand type artistry, graphic design, typography, abstract paintings, culture, travel, and curiosity. He uses language and visuals to create thought provoking juxtapositions, questions and statements to intellectually challenge the public through art, experiences, and products.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Reggie has spent the last four years living and working throughout Asia. His artistic perspective redesigns the way we interact with art and the human condition. His art has evolved into international exhibitions, book cover design, community art projects, murals, branding, naming, art direction, logo design, corporate partnerships, typography and graphic design commissions, textile collaborations, product design, documentary photography and live art installations.

His work has been produced in all over the world: Tokyo, Seoul, Washington DC, New York City, Barcelona, Melbourne, Bali, Buenos Aires, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Portland, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco, Phnom Penh, Austin, Beijing, Christchurch, and Bangkok.

Completing his most recent exhibitions SEEK.LOST.START in Tokyo and Washington, DC as well as “Fair Trade. No Devices” and ‘OPEN’ in Bangkok, Reggie integrates art, global cultural experiences, design, analog approaches, and technology into his work to connect more people around the world for a collective human experience that generates tangible connections. He also completed the inaugural TED Residency and gave a TED Talk in New York City.