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Why Print 3 Finale

This year, the creations and stories of 22 local established and emerging artists are on display. This exhibition is our final show for our printmaking biennale.


Exhibition Info

Closing View: 29th April Friday, 5 - 7pm ALL WELCOME

Dates: Jan 21 - Apr 30, 2022

Time: 9AM - 7PM Mon to Sat, Sunday & public holidays are closed

Venue: KC100 Art Space, 100 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong (Kwai Hing MTR Station Exit E)

Free admission

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Artist list A-Z

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An Gee Chan

An Gee Chan (b. 1987, Hong Kong) received her MA in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art (2011) and acquired BA in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University in the UK (2009). Currently teaching Printmaking and Drawing at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

An Gee’s practice employs various forms - prints, drawings, paintings, murals, ceramics and sometimes installation. Life issues are a strong focus in her work. Daily life observations and experiences are an important source of inspiration. These thoughts are transformed into visual records, statements and comments.

Showing: Slow walk competition, edition of 23 and 2AP2022, 17x23.5cm, Hard ground etching, Middle of nowhere, edition of 25 and 3AP2022, 17x23.5cm, Hard ground etching, Aquatint

Slow walk competition: "This is a slow walk competition between a group of men on horses, I hope I can stay long enough to find out who will win."

Middle of nowhere: "In the middle of nowhere, a roller skating horse stopped by to enjoy a left over drink from the last party."

 Slow walk competitionmiddle of nowhere

Avery Lau 劉杭霖

Lau Hong Lam achieved B.A. (Hons) degree in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019. He studied at Accademia de Belle Arti di Bologna, Italy for one semester exchange programme in 2017. And he studied in B.A. (Hons) in Creative Arts and Culture (Major in Visual Arts) in 2014-2015. Lau’s works mainly focus on intaglio after graduation. In 2019, he received Hong Kong Open Printshop Award for Printmaking. He is invited to be an artist- in-residence of the printshop and hosts a solo exhibition. Lau has participated in the exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas. His works are collected by local and overseas private collectors.   Lau’s works use still life as his genre, mythology as his background; combining with classical intaglio, his works create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. He likes to use symbols and puns to express his interpretation and experience to the world and daily life. On his works, the general compositions convey a relax and humorous daily. Under his works, the details and depictions of objects keep the secrets out of the daily. In recent years, he concentrates on mezzotint; and makes a new attempt of combining his illustrations, design and narratives nature into his works.  

劉杭霖 2019年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院,獲榮譽文學士。2017年在於意大利博洛尼 亞美術學院交流進修藝術一學期,也曾於 2014-15年在香港教育大學文化與創意藝術系主修 視覺藝術。劉氏畢業後一直專注從事銅版畫創作,2019年獲香港版畫工作室年獎並獲邀為工 作室駐留藝術家和舉辦個展。他的作品在本港及韓國等地展出聯展,作品為香港及德國私人 收藏。   劉杭霖的版畫以靜物作為主題、神話作背景、配合傳統的銅版畫技法營造一個柔和而安靜的 空間。作品以象徵和雙關的手法帶出對生活和世界的感悟。在整體表象上傳達輕鬆幽默的日 常,但在物體的細節和描繪上隱藏著日常底下的秘密。近年專注於美柔汀版畫創作,亦嘗試 把插畫、設計和敘事性融入傳統寫實的靜物畫作中。

Showing: CERISE: ZREEL KZNFedition 15, 5x12cm, Still life with Love, Still Life with Power, Still Life with Wisdom, edition 6, 2021 , 9x15cm, Intaligo: Mezzotint

still life with wisdomstill life powerstill life with love

Charmaine Leung 梁卓琦

Leung Cheuk Kei is a Year 4 Visual Arts student form Hong Kong Baptist University. She is Michelle Fung’s personal assistant, she is doing this since May 2021. She participated in a few exhibitions, the recent one was “What I Don’t Want to Forget in Ten Years”. Drawing is her major method of creating artworks, she worked on a self-project of drawing her own comics in 2021 called “Freestyle Elephant Swimming”. She also made some mixed media artworks to explore more material uses; these works had been exhibited in exhibitions.

Showing: Ah!, edition 15, 2022, 42x29.7cm, Reduction print

"It is inspired by an interesting spectacle on the train."

Charmaine's work

Chiva Leung 梁慧欣

Sometimes drawing, sometimes painting, sometimes printmaking, sometimes comics and sometimes zine making, but always based on Chivas’s true story. The irreversible nature of life prompts Chivas to vividly recall past memories. She sees art-making as a ritual to complete memory, and creates imaginary scenes to retrieve the missing pieces in her memory and commemorate all those times she had.

Showing: 昼と夜の間をゆらゆら揺れる (Shaking between Day and Night), edition 5, 2021, 51.5x51.5cm, Mokuhanga on Washi paper

"伝説では世界はそんなふうさ、 それだったらぼくらは酔いどれて これから見に行こうか? they said world is such chaotic if so shall we get drunk and go now?"

Shaking between day and night

Christina Suen 孫倩怡

Christina Suen is an artist who is more interested in the past than the present. She spends her time going through old photos and family archives, reading, and gathering information from older relatives, trying to reconstruct the stories of her family in her drawings. 插畫家Christina來自香港,她在2010年開始個人創作項目,名為Christina Can Draw。Christina的作品靈感來自生活中眾多繁瑣的小事情,如牆上的印花圖案,水面上的漣漪,昆蟲身上的花紋都是她創作靈感的來源。較為人熟識的作品是《呆站的人》系列,源於2010年的一次倫敦之旅。話說有一天Christina認識了一班很歌德風格的人,被他們黑暗的衣著深深吸引,還有那些蕾絲飾物。就這樣,回香港後完成了第一幅《呆站的歌德情侶》,畫面是一對目無表情的男女站著發呆,有點像古老的結婚照。《呆站的人》系列就是這樣開始。

Showing: My father’s recollection of my grandfather, edition 10, 2022, 29.7x21cm, Screenprint

"Drawing of my grandfather (公公) according to a scene my dad recalls: “He’d sit alone in his office with cigarette in one hand and a book in another. The books he reads are all so old that their pages have turned yellow. I never go into his room but would peek through the blinds to see what he’s up to. He likes to keep to himself.”

My father’s recollection of my grandfather

David Jasper Wong 王大爲

於在美國洛杉磯的Pepperdine⼤學獲得藝術學⼠學位,並在香港視覺藝術中⼼接受版畫培訓。從事繪畫和版畫創作的藝術家。 他的作品被世界各地的公共,機構和私人收藏館藏。他曾在香港、美國、西班牙、新加坡的個人和團體展覽中展出他的作品。 Hong Kong based painter & printmaker, he received his BA (Hons) in fine art from Pepperdine University in USA and acquired further studied in printmaking from the Hong Kong Visual Art Center in Hong Kong. His works are held in public, institutional and private collections around the world. He has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Singapore.

Showing: Self - Portrait, edition AP, 1991, 36x38cm, Monotype


Erika Shiba 柴絵理香

Erika Shiba is a Japanese printmaker born and raised in Hong Kong; she received her BFA in 2018 from Parsons School of Design in New York for Illustration and Printmaking and received her MFA in Printmaking at Illinois State University in 2021. She has been included in group shows at Blanc Gallery (Quezon City, Philippines), Artlink Contemporary Gallery (Fort Wayne, IN), and the International Print Center of New York (NY, NY).

Showing: LZBR, edition 6, 2021, 22.86x27.94cm, Aquatint and hard ground copper etching on BFK paper

"Through her practice of printmaking and drawing, Shiba creates a psychological universe which she calls a “mentalscape”; the work she makes exist as documents of discovery in this space. She records and reflects on personal thoughts and memories through the ritual of journaling. She then translates these entries into cryptic symbols. She uses this codified language to gesture towards an explanation, which is never actually provided. By pretending to offer the truth she plays with the idea of revealing and concealing. She processes her experiences, shares them to a degree, and invites viewers to examine them."


Glary Wu 胡愷昕

Glary WU (b. 1996, Hong Kong) graduated with a BA Visual Arts (Hons) at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019. WU’s work transforms and defamiliarizes the conversant things with poetic notion through painting and drawing. She often starts with her particular observation on something minor and inconspicuous, while taking reference from novelist, photographs she took, and strangers met in daily life. Participated exhibitions include solo exhibition “Flowers Speak” (Infectment, Hong Kong, 2021). Group exhibition “The Use of Useless” (PMQ, Hong Kong, 2021) and “IAM international art moves” (Pathfinder, Berlin, 2020).

Showing: Football Match, edition 4, 2018, 13.5x20.8cm, Etching: Aquatint, photogravure and Moonrise, Moonset, edition 9, 2022, 15x12cm, Etching : Aquatint

Football Match: "The cup finals comes down to a clash between the Fatties and the Nerds, which could've easily been mistaken as a Manchester derby just from the cheers of my family"

Football match

Moonrise, Moonset: "But is it a sun or moon, rise or set?"

moon rise moon set

Glo Chan 陳卓甄

陳卓甄現居香港,她的創作源於她對世界與自身的日常觀察,透過影像、錄像、版畫 、身體、文字創作,回應社會狀態及探索自我意識,保持自省狀態。2018年獲「香 港版畫工作室年獎」。作品曾於香港、台灣、韓國及悉尼展出。 Glo Chan Cheuk-yan is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, and she currently lives in Hong Kong. Her practice is inspired by her daily observation of the world and herself. She capture mundane moments in life with photography, moving images, printmaking, body and poems. In her art, she expresses her thoughts and experiences to respond to the world and self- consciousness. She received the “HKOP Award in Printmaking” in 2018. Her work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.

Showing: 如若世界能溫柔以待 May the world be kind to you, edition 1/4, 2020, 45x32cm, Gum bichromate and pastel on paper

"殘酷的世界裡,大海是溫柔的,我們是柔軟的。 Cruel is the world, gentle is the ocean, soft are we."

may the world be kind to you

Jacky Cheung 張梓祈

Cheung Tsz-ki graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018. He learnt printmaking under Chung Tai-fu and has received the HKOP Award in Printmaking, holding his first solo exhibition “Whence it comes” subsequently. Cheung loves creating intaglio prints, emphasising on the fine transition between light and dark in his images. He previously participated in exhibitions including “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art exhibition” (Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2021), “The Sea Keeps Burning” (PMQ, 2020) and “Hong Kong Fine Print” (HART Hall, 2019).

Showing: Ever No. 3, edition 5, 2019, 28x38cm, Intaglio: Mezzotint

"By gazing at the ocean, lets your eyes rest on the endless tides. So as we look up to the sky, where cloud flows and varnishes. The work “Ever No. 3” collected a piece of the sky, and pressed onto the cotton paper." 

Ever No. 3

Janice Kee 紀淑芬

 Graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts of The University of Auckland in New Zealand and Master of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Janice Kee further studied sculpture and printmaking at the Art Advance Specialist Course of Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, and she is now a core member of the Creative Visual Arts Association (CVAA). Janice is a versatile artist and has worked in a wide range of creations including Chinese calligraphy, painting, ceramic, glass craftsmanship, printmaking, photography and sculpture. She has participated in many exhibitions in Hong Kong, and her works have been exhibited in New Zealand, Taiwan and Amsterdam (Holland).

Showing: 相隔的思念 can see but cannot touch, edition 8, 2022, 36x17.8cm, etching, spit bite aquatint and hand color

"Never apart maybe in distance…… We could meet up someday."

相隔的思念 can see but cannot touch

Jay Lau 劉家俊

現就讀香港中文大學藝術系藝術碩士,2019年獲香港版畫工作室頒發「Hong Kong Fine Print」獎項。曾從事不同兼職,包括畫班導師、教學助理、技術人員、藝術品搬運佈置員、藝術圈臨時工作者等。現時以版畫作為主要創作媒介,同時亦會創作雕塑、錄像和攝影,當中最喜歡的是錄像作品。 Jay Lau Ka-chun is studying Master of Fine Arts in the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received Hong Kong Open Printshop’s “Hong Kong Fine Print” award in 2019. He had taken up various part-time jobs, including as an art tutor, teaching assistant, technician, art mover, and temporary staff in the art field. His art practice is focussing on printmaking, and also creates sculptures, moving images and photography—with video works being his favorite.

Showing: Emptiness 無人edition AP and Living Hell 人間地獄, edition 5, 2021, 35x30cm, Relief print:woodcut oil print on paper

"This series( a total of 7 ) was commissioned by Hong Kong writer Dung Kai Cheung using as illustration for his novel 《香港字》. By the use of ready-made image and translated in woodcut language, I try to construct a surreal, both familiar and unfamiliar places where I live."

Emptiness 無人  Living Hell 人間地獄

Jeannie Wong 黃皓珵

Jeannie Wong Ho Ching was born and raised in Hong Kong, and is currently based in Hong Kong. She graduated from MA Print, Royal College of Art in 2021, Visual Arts Academy, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017 and worked as print technician in the HKBU. She has participated in various group shows in Hong Kong, London, Bremen and Japan, and held her first solo show in 2019 in Hong Kong Open Print Shop.

Showing: Glimpse, edition 1/3, 2021, 35.5x45cm, Aquatint

"I collect fragments of images from daily experience and recall and regroup them under a setting of landscapes and space. Glimpse of a shy mysterious creatures running through the bushes, bringing stillness and silence to this chaotic land."


Jennifer Yue 余沅榆

余沅榆,畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。其創作以人像素描、版畫為主,相信身體擁有記憶是靈 魂所在。 余畢業後成為獨立策展人, 在二零二零年創辦了Landescape1823 (地逸一八二三), 主張籍著 空間帶領藝術回歸藝術家, 去年在香港舉辦了多次地源藝 術活動, 獲得Mueseum of Site 邀請策劃展覽《發條麗姿》(JCCAC, 2021)。余曾舉辦個展《 離人遊》(艺鵠,2020) ,參與聯展《2020 新人類紀 》(K11,2020) ,《X over Y》(Art Projects Gallery,2021), 《Affordable Art Fair》(HKCEC,2021)。余過去獲得政府頒發的《才藝發展獎 學金》 (2020)、《藝發局新苗藝術資助》 (2021), 以及Para Site 的《 NoExit Grant for Unpaid Artistic Labour》 (2021)。 

Yue Yuen Yu obtained her BA in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Yue focused on figure sketching and printmaking technique, believing the body contains memory and soul. Yue became an independent curator after graduation, founded Landescape1823, which advocates bringing art experience back to artists through space, and has held site-specific art events since August 2020. Landescape1823 was invited by  Museum of Site, curated the debut exhibition <A Clockwork Lai Chi> (JCCAC, 2021). Yue has held solo exhibition <Depart from oneself Journey> (ACO, 2020), participated in group show <2020 Neo-Anthropocene> (K11, 2020), <X  over Y> (Art Projects Gallery, 2021), <Affordable Art Fair> (HKCEC, 2020). Yue has received the HKSAR <Talent
Development Scholarship> (2020), HKADC <Grant for Emerging Artists> (2021), and ParaSite <NoExit Grant for Unpaid Artistic Labour> (2021).

Showing: 坐 Sitzen Sie sich, edition 3, 2020, 42x59.4cm, Intaglio: mezzotint

"It is one of the printmaking works in a collection about all in vain. After all the sufferings, will you accept the offering? Please sit down."

坐 Sitzen Sie sich

Justin Larkin 樂仕賢

Justin Larkin (b. 1984, Dublin, Ireland) received his MA in printmaking from the Royal College of Art London (2011) and acquired BA in printmaking from the National College of Art and Design in Ireland (2009). Larkins practice encompasses a variety of media including painting, sculpture, print, drawing and installation and often explores themes of understanding, uncertainty and melancholy alongside absurdity and humour. Larkin’s works are often imbued with a sense of quiet emptiness accentuated with an emphasis on technology and nature. Often appropriating previously circulated images in an attempt to create new narratives and meaning. At times presenting complex installations that allude to narratives that never quite crystallise into any clear understanding, often raising more question than they answer. He currently lives and works between Ireland and Hong Kong.

Showing: Moon in the day, edition unique print, 2021, 46x56cm, Oil based screen printing, mono printing on canvas

moon in the day

Kylie Chung 鍾家愉

Kylie Chung is an artist born and raised in Hong Kong; they received their BFA in 2018 from Goldsmiths University of London in the UK for Fine Arts. Their work revolves around the hypersexuality of gender and race. They are working on developing the idea of representing themselves as a mystical and utopian ideal, a vision, a god, a guiding light amongst the frames and 'rules' of society.

Showing: My Portrait 1, edition 10, 2022, 29.7x42cm, Screenprint

"The steamy eyed lotus is a reoccurring icon and representation of the self, that Kylie uses to portray as a champion character in a dystopian world. This framing of the environment that the lotus flourishes in takes inspiration from the historical and traditional designs of chinese medicine and their packaging; it is about the story of prescription and the mythical fantasies of power, wealth and immortality."

Kylie's work

Lam Lok San 林樂新

畢業於中央美術學院版畫系,作品曾入選《第二十屆全國版畫作品展》(黑龍江省美 術館,2013)並獲收藏,亦曾於《2015觀瀾國際版畫雙年展》(中國版畫博物館,2015)展 出。現為香港版畫工作室助理版畫師,多次擔任木刻工作坊導師和助教。Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in a major of printmaking, his works were selected and collected in the 20th National Printmaking Exhibition (Heilongjiang Art Museum, 2013), and exhibited in the 2015 Guanlan International Printmaking Biennale (China Printmaking Museum, 2015). ). He is recently an assistant printmaker in Hong Kong Open Print Shop, and has worked as a woodcut workshop instructor and teaching assistant.

Showing: So Close, So Far 04 and So Close, So Far 09, edition 20, 2021, 31x25cm, Woodcut

So Close, So Far 04 So Close, So Far 09

Li Ning 李寧

LI Ning (b.1992, Hong Kong) graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts of Hong Kong Art School in 2019, majoring in painting. LI’s work tells his personal stories and imagination through delicate lines and strong structure, inspired by his tattoo techniques and experiences as a tattoo artist. Participated exhibitions include solo exhibitions “Inhale, 2021” (Yrellag Gallery Hong Kong,2021) and “Flipped Trip - HKOP Awardees in Printmaking Exhibition 2019-2020” (Hong Kong Open Printshop, 2019-2020) and group exhibitions “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition Hong Kong Heritage Museum”(Hong Kong2021), “Art Basel” (Hong Kong, 2021), “The Blazing World” (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong 2020),“Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair” (Shanghai, 2019), “ and . LI currently lives and works in Hong Kong. 李寧(1992 年,香港),2019 畢業於香港藝術學院藝術系學士。李氏是一位紋身師,其作品靈感來自 其多年研究紋身的技巧與經驗。他通過細膩的線條和剛烈的結構講述自己個人的想像故事。參加個人展 覽包括《入甕》( Yrellag Gallery,2021, 香港)及 《迴光—香港版畫工作室年獎 2019-2020 得獎者展 覽》(香港版畫工作室,2021, 香港) 及聯合展覽包括《​​20/20香港版畫圖像藝術展》(文化博物館, 2021, 香港)、《巴塞爾藝術展 2021》(香港, 2021 )、《The Blazing World》(安全口畫廊, 2020, 香港)、《上海廿一當代藝 術博覽會 2019 》及(上海, 2019 )。藝術家現居於香港。

Showing: Reborn, edition 1 edition for sale, 1 artist edition NFS, 2021, 45x38cm, Intaglio print, etching and aquatint

"「你有沒有見過一個身穿黑色西裝提住皮篋的男人?當你向左邊太陽穴急速轉動時,發現他 正在模仿你的腳步。」 被佔領的土地上,棄屍與皮篋堆滿了垃圾站。失憶的男子從屍體堆中爬出來,他隨手拿起身 旁的皮篋,翻出裏面屬於移民家庭遺棄的衣物,穿起了當中的一套西裝,提起皮篋步出垃圾 站。 Boxer 是一種自古以來已存在的生物,他們的特徵是提着皮篋販賣貨品。習慣把皮篋當成枕 頭靠着入睡,醒來後裏面便會充滿一盒盒的貨品,裏面裝着的是夢境的入口,每個時代的 Boxer 都靠着銷售這些空間的入口維生。他們沒有任何記憶,就連夢境也是從來記不起,於 是他們跟蹤各個購買貨品的人,偷窺買家的反應作為了解自己的線索。 Comprising copper prints, this new body of work is reflective of Li’s deep interest in science fiction and subconscious dreams, a signature and ongoing source of inspiration within his art. 這件由銅版畫組成的新作品反映了李對科幻小說和潛意識夢想的濃厚興趣,這是他藝術中的標 誌性和持續靈感來源"


Marion Decroocq

Behind couleur aube is Marion, a French artist and printmaker based in Hong Kong. She is passionate about the ancestral techniques of Indian Blockprint. Following her love for drawing, creation and colors, she began linoprinting and immediately fell in love with the technique. Like a way back to basics, her work focuses on what nature offers through the scope of Hong Kong urban-jungle discovery: a touch of vegetal patterns, a lot of mountains, inspiring streets and places... With these prints, Marion wants to share her love of craftsmanship, exploring new way of printing on old books and recycled papers.

Showing: Le gros Horloge, edition 1/1, 2AP, 2021, 30x42cm, Linocut

"This print is a commissioned work, that I finished end of 2021. It represents the Gros-Horloge, a 14th century astronomical clock in Rouen, Normandy. The contrast between the rich and barocco golden clock, the gothic architecture of the arch, and the rural timbered houses turns this representation into a giant mix, where time doesn’t exist. This was a really challenging project for me, melting my love for architecture and my passion for fine details, while getting out of my comfort zone and usual themes."

Le Gros Horloge

Michelle Fung 馮捲雪

馮氏以各創作媒介(木刻版畫、文字、書本、繪畫、裝置以及動畫等),塑造一個二零八四 年的浩大虛擬世界。她的作品曾在許多國際畫廊、博物館、大學、電影節等展出,作品曾獲 加拿大蒙特利爾國際動畫電影節《Film that Matters》獎、年輕作家比賽(2017年)、中華 區插畫獎(2012及2016年),香港浸會大學視覺藝術學院嘉圖藝術獎(2015年)。

Fung's ongoing oeuvre (woodcuts, books, drawing, painting, installation, performances and short films) revolves around a grand narrative of a dystopian world set in the year 2084. She has presented her works in many local and international galleries, museums, universities, and film festivals. Her works have received awards such as Film that Matters, the Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Canada (2019), 50 Best Books for Secondary Students, Hong Kong Professional Teacher's Union (2018), winner of Young Writer's Debut Competition, Hong Kong (2017), the Grotto Award, Hong Kong Baptist University (2015) and Award of Excellence, Fourth Greater China Illustration Awards (2012 and 2016.)

Showing: 寶綠達九十九景之十五:正大光明 Fifteenth of Ninety-Nine Views of Polluta: Chasing after Light, edition 9, 2019, 110x83cm, Woodcut (Oil-based ink on Cloud-dragon handmade paper)

"二零八四年,矛盾國利用『寶綠達』計劃解決了空氣污染問題:把廢氣壓縮成漂浮磚 頭,用以建築一座座漂浮空中的藝術小區『寶綠達』!藝術家可以永久免費居住、創 作以及展覽!這聽起來實在太不可思議了!確實如此⋯⋯ 『寶綠達』系列宣傳木刻版畫玩味性和黑色幽默皆甚濃,並以顛覆矛盾手法講一個無比複雜 的笑話;藝術家手持這把雙刃劍,遊走於『寶綠達』未來世界以及自身的二十一世紀。作品 靈感源自中國現代宣傳海報,結合童趣、政治以及廣東話和普通話之間的微妙空間。藝術家 將創作九十九張不同圖像的『寶綠達』系列宣傳木刻版畫,取其無窮無盡之意。 In 2084, the imaginary country Contradictoria has solved its pollution problem with Plan Polluta. Under this plan, air pollution is condensed into building bricks, which are used to build arcologies called Polluta, floating green vibrant live/work colonies for artists! Artists can live, work and show for free, forever! It sounds too good to be true. It is. Loosely based on modern Chinese propaganda posters, these works are a mesh of the childlike, the political, and the vernacular. Each work is based on a child's drawing: the artist visited schools to share the imaginary world of Polluta and to invite children to design the community. Imagined by children uninhibited by social norms, Polluta is fluid and ever shape-shifting. The sky is not the limit. It is the beginning. The ultimate goal of ninety-nine unique woodblock prints will present infinite (the number nine also denotes infinity in Chinese culture) facets of Polluta, dazzling and ever-changing."

寶綠達九十九景之十五:正大光明 Fifteenth of Ninety-Nine Views of Polluta: Chasing after Ligh

Nicolas Ho 何尚恩

Nicolas Ho is born and raised in Hong Kong. Graduated with a degree in Geographyf rom Hong Kong Baptist University, he later pursued Printmaking in Japan. His creations take inspiration from nature to his own thoughts and feelings.

Showing: Night Foxedition 5, 2021, 31.5x42cm, Screenprint

"I enjoyed cycling along the paths in the park at midnight, just like a fox gliding swiftly through the street lights."

Night Fox

Vincent Wong 黃俊峰

2006 Fine Arts (BA) The Hong Kong Chinese University 2021 Specialist Course Print Making The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Showing: 植 1, edition 1/5 and 植 2, edition 1/5, 2021, 42x30cm, Relief print, Woodblock print

"For me personally, reduction printmaking is a process of creating a multi-colored, multi- layered print through this technique to showcase various forms of flowers and leaves."

植 (plant) 1 & 2