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Lino Online Workshop for Beginners

In this 2 hour course you will learn how to carve and print using a lino block. This course is best suited for beginners and people with no experience in printing. 

We created this at home online workshop so that people who are interested in learning the core techniques of printing can follow and try it in the comfort of their own home. For this course we will ask participants to use beginner friendly tools and materials to keep it accessible and easy to learn. Students will receive access through email, to an information document and material list prepared by the tutor.

Students are required to get their own materials and there will be a Q&A session included in the lesson. Welcome to anybody of any age to join, but because we handle sharp tools in the lesson, we require that students who are under 16 need to have a guardian watching.

Cost: HKD 180 for 2 hour course on Zoom or Google Meet

Course taught in English. 

Available class dates:


available on demand, please contact studio


Upcoming possible dates:

Usually reoccurring on weekend Saturdays.

Please email us if you are interested.

What will be covered:

How to safely and effectively carve on lino

How to prepare your printing image

How to print on paper

About the tutor:

Kylie Chung is an artist born and raised in Hong Kong; they received their BFA in 2018 from Goldsmiths University of London in the UK for Fine Arts. Their work revolves around the hypersexuality of gender and race. They are working on developing the idea of representing themselves as a mystical and utopian ideal, a vision, a god, a guiding light amongst the frames and 'rules' of society.


Material list:

Students are required to source their own as no materials will be provided. Upon confirmation of booking the lesson you will be sent an email with materials list and where you can buy them in Hong Kong.

Required Essentials:

  • A4 white paper
  • Something flat to roll your ink on
  • Working area
  • Pencil (anything above 6B is great but if not that is ok too)
  • Permanent Marker/Sharpie
  • Tracing paper
  • Table spoon
  • Roller
  • Black  Acrylic Paint and or Printing Ink (water or oil based is ok)
  • A4 size Lino Block (recommend to have a softer bendable board, but not a must)
  • Set of Carving Knives

Extra Materials (not required):

  • Glass Sheet for rolling ink on
  • Plastic Tray for rolling ink on
  • Bamboo buffer for pressing ink onto paper



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Class dates: Saturday 16th April 10am - 12pm