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Kallitype workshop

Course content(請拉到下方瀏覽中文內容)

Printmaking and photographic processes, like many categories of artistic media, are very much intertwined in their histories and techniques. Through this kallitype workshop, participants will learn about photography as printmaking. After the workshop students can bring 2 finished prints and their negatives back home.

Date and Time: 21 May 2022

Duration: 1pm - 5pm, please arrive 10 mins before class start

Cost: HKD 2000 per person (ticket sales for this class shut on the 16th May)

Group booking of 2 people gets 10% off, please contact us to request for discount.

4 students per session

Bilingual teaching in English and Cantonese. All materials provided. No prior experiences is required.

Address: Marble Print Clay, Studio 705, 7th Floor, Sing Win Factory Building, No. 15-17 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


HKD$2000/每位 (報名日期: 16/05/2022 前)



以英語及廣東話授課. 課程已包括所需材料. 無須經驗, 歡迎各階層朋友參與。

地址:Marble Print Clay studio, 九龍觀塘, 成業街15&17號, 成運工業大廈7樓, 705 室


What is Kallitype?

The Kallitype was invented in the late 19th century and was at the time the most sophisticated and beautiful photographic printing process. Unlike traditional darkroom prints where light sensitive paper is readily available, the paper used to print Kallitype must be sensitised by hand prior to exposure.


Course Instructors' Bio

Natasha Cheung (b.1998, Sydney) received her BA in Fine Arts and Visual Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020 and her MA in History of Art and Archaeology from SOAS, University of London in 2021. She sees paradox as a necessity and strives to make this visible and visceral through practicing installation, photography, video, performance, conversation, as well as drawing itself as forms of drawing. In particular, she is interested in the languages and belief structures constructed to describe sight and vision, and making visible how these non-neutral interfaces have contributed to continued colonial imaginaries as well as how to manipulate these languages to render the absurdity of our reality. She is currently thinking and working with the materiality of gelatin and its legacy as an ingredient in painting and photographic processes, in order to expose non-neutral frameworks of seeing and interpretation.


Damon Lam received his BFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and now based in Hong Kong. Lam spent a significant chunk of time living in cities that grew up right next to the development of photography, both as a technology and an artistic outlet. He is therefore fascinated by the commonalities between the three; by their relative recency, their unprecedented status at the dawn of the modern era, as well as their shared identity as products of the Victorian age. And as an attempt to revive these endangered histories and memories, Lam’s photography is tactile and analogue in nature, and echoes the methods and sentiments of this long gone era.


Marble Print and Clay 將於21/05/2022 舉辦:Kallitype 鐵鹽印相工藝( 消失的窮人鉑金印花)

課程由@dayday95 和@nuhtush 教授


Kallitype當圖像用鉑金或鈀金調色時,其結果在化學上幾乎與真正的 Platinotype 相同。過往Kallitype因檔案質量差且經常褪色而被垢病~ 但Kallitype是可以不褪色的~ 我們教授用金、鉑或鈀等金屬調色便能增加圖像的持久性!

歷史手藝及藝術愛好者, 要把握此罕有的機會, 現只餘3 個學位, 快速聯絡我們報名啦!

Marble Print and Clay 係香港目前唯一教授這罕有手藝的工作室。



Terms and Conditions:

    • Due to the unpredictable planning because of the pandemic situation in Hong Kong, MPC studio will refund
  • 100% of the paid class booking fee if classes are cancelled or restricted due to the covid restrictions implemented. 
  • Your place on the course will be secured once payment is made. Workshop fee should be paid at least 3 days before course start date.
    If unable to attend the course, please notify us 72 hours prior to beginning of course. A full refund will be distributed within five days from the course starting date. Any notification less than 48 hours will lead to a $200 HKD reduction off refund towards administrative fee. If you fail to attend the course without prior notice, we regret no refund can be made.
    Participants will be notified of cancellation of course 2 days prior to the course start date and receive a full refund within 3 days for any course cancellation by the MPC studio.



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class: 21 may