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Cyanotype: Paper and Beyond with Damon Lam

About course:

In this in-person workshop, students will learn the basics of mixing and coating cyanotype chemicals, and expose them through a variety of light sources from UV exposure unit to the outdoor sunlight. At the conclusion of the workshop, they will bring home two or more 11x14” cyanotypes ready for framing.

Cyanotype was invented in 1842 and is one of the earliest forms of photographic printing. It is also the medium of choice for Anna Atkins, the first female photographer in history, who was a botanist and used cyanotype to make visual records of many different plant species. Prized for its vivid blue hue, simple application and non-toxic chemistry, cyanotype also found many uses beyond photography in the decorative arts as well as engineering and architecture, where it was used to make reproductions of schematic drawings, otherwise knowns as blue print, for much of the 20th century. 


What students can bring:

- dried pressed plants and flowers

- soft flat objects for making photographs


No experience required, everyone welcome. Taught by Damon Lam.

Class size: 4 people IN-PERSON course

Cost: 1800 HKD per person (booking deadline 11th May 9pm)

Date: May 15th 2022 Sunday

Time: 12pm - 5pm

Location: Marble Print Clay, Studio 705, 15 - 17 Shing Yip St, Sing Win Factory Building, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Taught in English and Cantonese. All materials provided by studio.


About Damon Lam:

Having received his BFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and now based in Hong Kong, Damon Lam spent a significant chunk of time living in cities that grew up right next to the development of photography, both as a technology and an artistic outlet. He is therefore fascinated by the commonalities between the three; by their relative recency, their unprecedented status at the dawn of the modern era, as well as their shared identity as products of the Victorian age. And as an attempt to revive these endangered histories and memories, Lam’s photography is tactile and analogue in nature, and echoes the methods and sentiments of this long gone era.


Cyanotype 藍* 印 ( 氰版藍曬法)


在這個實體工作坊中,學員將學習混合和塗覆藍印化學品的基礎知識,並通過從紫外線曝光裝置到戶外陽光的各種光源,最終呈現藍色影像。 〈工作坊完結時,學員將可以帶兩個或以上11x14 ”的藍印作品回家.)l

Cyanotype 發明於 1842 年,是最早的照相印刷形式之一。歷史上第一位女攝影師及植物學家Anna Atkins (1799-1871)將Cyanotype發揚光大,她以高超技巧呈現英國藻類植物的細緻紋路與構造,為植物科學與攝影科學創造美好結合,也將Cyanotype 帶入影像創作領域. Cyanotype 因其生動的藍色色調、簡單的應用和無毒化學而備受推崇,於20世紀,藍印在裝飾藝術以及工程和建築中也被廣泛採用,用它來製作的圖解,就是大眾常聽到“藍圖“ 的由來了。



- 乾壓後的植物和花卉

- 製作照片可以用的質地柔軟又扁平的物件



由Damon Lam 授課( 廣東話+ 英語)


費用:HKD1800 / 每人(MPC提供的所有材料 booking deadline 11th May 9pm

日期:15/05/2022 ~ 星期日

時間:12pm - 5pm

地點:香港觀塘成業街15-17號成運工業大廈705室Marble Print Clay

關於 Damon Lam

Damon Lam於美國三藩市的加州藝術學院獲得學士學位,現居於香港。

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Class: May 15 Sunday